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Here I'll be posting all of my completed nuzlockes and how they ended. I don't really care if people don't believe this.

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Posts: 319

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends (Won)

Winning Team: 

Luigi the Lugia Lv 52

Blitz the Infernape Lv 51

Tesla the Ampharos Lv 50

Godzilla the Pupitar Lv 50 (The Tyranitar That Never Was)

Haunts the Gengar Lv 50

Neptune the Kingdra(Shiny) Lv50 (Died at E4)


Meowsy the Skitty Lv16

Manny the Swinub Lv20

BossGodora Lv 22

Mirror B. the Lombre Lv 23

Saturn the Sceptile Lv 36

ImStraight the Linoone Lv 41

Neptune the Kingdra(Shiny) Lv50

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Pokemon Yellow Version (Won)

Winning Team:

Bruce Lee the Hitmonlee Lv 56

Evan the Jolteon Lv 58

Kaito the Pidgeot Lv 57

Arnold P. the Exeggutor Lv 57

Shadyqueen the Nidooqueen Lv 58

Fatbat the Golbat Lv 57


Prikachu the Pikachu Lv 30

Top Dog the Raticate Lv 30

Big Daddy the Snorlax Lv 42

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Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians (Won)

Now this nuzlocke was hard to adjust to the levels so it took a long time to grind. I dont recomend anyone doing this. Also I ended it after the Champion, not the final battle.

Winning Team:

Ylvis the Zoroark Lv 100

Shellshock the Blastoise Lv 100

Anubis the Lucario Lv 100

Hermet the Crustle Lv 100

Capt Runt the Glalie Lv 100


Kaito the Pidgey Lv 9

Box the Furruny Lv 7 (Fakemon)

Toad the Shroomish Lv 8

Floatz the Buizel Lv 18

Lovebat the Woobat Lv 20

Banananeck the Tropius Lv 13

Jagold the Sandshrew Lv 18

DuckyMomo the Ducklet Lv 27

Fatbat the Crobat Lv 100 (Died against the Champion)

Geodudette the Geodude Lv 28

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Pokemon Crystal Version Wedlocke (Won)

Ended after Red

Winning Team:

Brock the Graveler Lv 54

paired with

Snooze the Hypno Lv 60

Hurry the Typhlosion Lv 56

paired with

Scrappy the Furret Lv 56

Fatbat the Crobat Lv 52

paired with

OMNOMNOM the Gyarados(Shiny) Lv 55


Butters the Butterfree Lv 27

Kaito the Pidgeotto Lv 27

Scooter the Raticate Lv 29

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Posts: 319

Pokemon Omega Ruby Version (Won)

Ended after the Champion

Winning Team:

Xion the Mightyena Lv 54

Golden Sun the Solrock Lv 53

Cosplay the Pikachu Lv 54

Leif the Sceptile Lv 54

KHRPADOS the Gyarados Lv 54

Sanic the Linoone Lv 54


Peeko the Wingull Lv 23

Rocko the Graveler Lv 28

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Pokemon Fire Red Version Randomizer Flying Monolocke (Won)

Ended after the Champion

Winning Team: 

Barney the Dragonite Lv 57

Drip the Masquerain Lv 55

Flex the Aerodactyl Lv 55

Garchomp the Mantine Lv 56

Hawkeye the Moltres Lv 55


Triforce the Doduo Lv 13

Cottonee the Jumpluff Lv 21

Dinozord the Aerodactyl Lv 24

Nimbus the Swablu Lv 25

PeliGod the Pelipper Lv 36

Alucard the Gligar Lv 44

STAY IN!! the Yanma Lv 45

bae the Ledian Lv 55 (Died at E4)

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That shiny Kingdra death still stings, Silver...and I wasn't even the one playing.


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Goodness, look at the time...


Peace be with you.

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Pokemon Blaze Black Version (Lost)

Died on the 3rd Elite 4 member: Caitlin

Last team used:

LeBronze the Bronzong Lv 73

Snot the Beartic Lv 73

Sir Pent the Serperior Lv 71

Blackbeard the Carracosta Lv 72

Petrie the Archeops Lv 72

DaRealMVP the Dragonite Lv 72

Other deaths:

Wankey the Panpour Lv 25

SlowestBro the Slowking Lv 41

Nifty the Scrafty Lv 46

HiImDizzy the Spinda Lv 47

Paper Cut the Spinda Lv 48

BossGodora the Aggron Lv 62

Grannydos the Rampardos Lv 59

Estrella the Staraptor Lv 59

Ebony the Liepard Lv 62

Zanzibar the Donphan Lv 65

Tubbs the Wailord Lv 65

Sand Bag the Hariyama Lv 66

Steve the Krookodile Lv 71

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Posts: 319

Pokémon Blaze Black 2 Egglocke (Won)

Winning Team:

Manly Poke the Gallade Lv 81 (Died)

Mr. T-Tar the Tyranitar Lv 81

Foliat the Swellow Lv 80

Storm the Darmanitan Lv 81

FUCKYEAH the Seaking Lv 81

shrax the Manectric Lv 81


Nappy the Haunter Lv 25

ALLA DAT the Darmanitan Lv 50

Blue Draco the Heracross Lv 50

Blaze the Arcanine Lv 53

Ms. Medic the Granbull Lv 67

Evergreen the Lilligant Lv 78

Manly Poke the Gallade Lv 81

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Pokémon Glazed (Won)

Winning Team:

Rufus the Arcanine Lv 85

Queendra the Kingdra Lv 85

PKSparkxx the Magnezone Lv 85

lol m2k the Mewtwo Lv 85

Leif the Sceptile Lv 85

MACHAMO the Machamp Lv 85


Swallow the Swellow Lv 47

Gunk the Toxicroak Lv 52

420BlazeIt the Blaziken Lv 61

Scrappy the Furret Lv 62

Cruella the Tentacool Lv 21

Luxx the Luxray Lv 79

Unagi the Swampert Lv 79

Kristen the Houndoom Lv 78

Sleepy the Jirachi Lv 81

Foxiify the Ninetales Lv 85

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Posts: 319

Pokémon Light Platinum Wedlocke (Won)

Winning Team:

Simba the Luxray (Died at the World Championship) Lv 77

paired with

Shellshock the Blastoise (Died against the World Champion) Lv 81

Lady Drax the Tyranitar Lv 75

paired with

Drake the Dragonite Lv 75

Juliet the Milotic Lv 78

paired with

Rufus the Arcanine Lv 74


Silcas the Wurmple Lv 2

Sparky the Pichu Lv 22

21 the Fearow Lv 37

Jay the Electivire Lv 46

Bayley the Meganium Lv 46

Volt the Zebstrika Lv 71

Mordecai the Swellow Lv 71

Join the Torterra Lv 73

Simba the Luxray Lv 77

Shellshock the Blastoise Lv 81

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Posts: 319

Pokémon Storm Silver Egglocke (Win)

Ended after Red.

Winning Team:

Ignitus the Typhlosion Lv 85

Mannykip the Swampert Lv 85

Mucho Swag the Jynx Lv 85

ManBearPig the Mamoswine Lv 85

Happy the Luxray Lv 85 (Died vs Red)

WinningTeam the Primeape Lv 85 (Died vs Red)


Crobar the Zubat Lv 10

Taka the Staravia Lv 20

Socks the Vibrava Lv 36

IceIceBaby the Mamoswine Lv 38

Rihanna the Charizard Lv 40

Peeko the Pelipper Lv 44

Remalis the Lucario Lv 50

Jupiter the Weezing Lv 51

Terra the Flygon Lv 59

Queen Sage the Ninetales Lv 60

Clawdia the Crawdaunt Lv 61

M4GNI2DE the Scyther Lv 65

HotDog the Arcanine Lv 65

Happy the Luxray Lv 85

WinningTeam the Primeape Lv 85

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Posts: 319

Pokemon Cloud White Nuzlocke (Won)

Winning Team:

Playboy the Mega Lopunny Lv 100

Tsunami the Mega Gyarados Lv 100

Nero the Mega Houndoom Lv 100

Pikachu the Shiny Pikachu Lv 100

ChildsPlay the Mega Banette Lv 100

Serenity the Celebi Lv 100


Eraticate the Rattata Lv 5

S.R.B the Spearow Lv 12

Scout the Furret Lv 24

Houdini the Kadabra Lv 35

Stingers the Beedrill Lv 36

Boulder the Golem Lv 40

Requiem the Dusknoir Lv 57

Bubbles the Blastoise Lv 55

Bounce the Jumpluff Lv 55

Parimango the Zangoose Lv 55

JackieChan the Hitmonchan Lv 80

Fatbat the Crobat Lv 80

Trunks the Kingdra Lv 83

Haywire the Zebstrika Lv 83

Gambino the Yanmega Lv 100

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Posts: 319

Pokemon Flora Sky Nuzlocke (Won)

Winning Team:

Psykick the Medicham Lv 81

Nappy the Gengar Lv 81

Kappa the Swampert Lv 80

Dove the Unfezant Lv 80

Puppeteer the Hydreigon Lv 80

Aine the Infernape Lv 80


Cooper the Zigzagoon Lv 15

Snek the Ekans Lv 14

Watchout the Patrat Lv 4

Starboy the Staravia Lv 32

Reishi the Breloom Lv 42

Tsunami the Gyarados Lv 45

IronMaiden the Aggron Lv 48

Simba the Luxray Lv 50

Gratitude the Shaymin (Shiny) Lv 55

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Posts: 319

Pokemon Prism Nuzlocke (Up to 20 badges, no E4 rematch) (Won)

Winning Team:

Tyrone the Tyranitar Lv. 69

Cactuar the Cacturne Lv. 64

Kremling the Feraligatr Lv 68

Fatbat the Crobat Lv 69

Fabio the Ampharos Lv 63

HURRY the Typhlosion Lv 71


Snowball the Snorunt Lv 13

Scout the Sentret Lv 11

Tension the Kirlia Lv. 27

DaJuan the Breloom Lv 47

WallJumper the Ludicolo Lv 54

Squeezus the Azumarill Lv 56

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