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For those who don't know:The chesslocke is based on the classic board game of Chess, and forces the player to use strategy much more than in a normal Nuzlocke, mirroring the amount of strategy needed to play chess.

Beside the two classic rules, there is a catch-limiting rule that only allows a max of 15 Pokemon to be caught (giving a total of 16 Pokemon including the starter), as well as a series of rules determining roles for each catch.

Throughout the entire run, you may only have one King, one Queen, two Bishops, two Knights, two Rooks, and eight Pawns. This means you may only catch sixteen Pokemon in the entire run, so skip the first encounters you really don't want (that doesn't mean second chance on the route). You may only have one of each piece on your team at any time.


  1. King -Your starter must be the King. The King must always be in your party. If the King dies, it's game over.
  2. Queen -Only female Pokemon may be the Queen. The Queen must be in the same egg group as the King.
  3. Bishop -May only have two damaging moves at any time.
  4. Knight -May not use moves which have a base power greater than 60 (Before STAB).
  5. Rook -May not use damaging moves that also inflict stats effects on the enemy. They may use non-damaging moves, however. (For example: A Rook can have Tackle because the effect doesn't penalize the enemy, and it can have Spore, because it doesn't do damage, but not Ember, because it does damage and has a negative effect on the enemy.)
  6. Pawn -May only be a Pokemon that has stats of maximum 450 altogether, must be first form and cannot be evolved. It may only have one attacking move, and that must be lower than 80 base power (Before STAB).

If a pawn wins a major battle alone (rival, gym leader, villainous team admin), it may upgrade to a rook, knight, bishop or queen. (It can only upgrade to a queen if the queen is dead.)


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Posts: 319
  • The King of the squad is Rowlet named ROWVO who is modest nature.
  • First rival battle was pretty easy since Hau chooses Popplio.
  • Route 1 encounter was Ledyba which I didn't catch becuase of the 16 limit rule.
  • ROWVO is pretty weak atm since he is Modest and Leafage is a Physical move which 3HKO's everything.
  • Second rival battle Hau has Pichu and Popplio and ROWVO manages to finish the match by himself.
  • Z-Ring obtained.

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Posts: 319
  • Recieved the Exp. Share... only using it for grinding.
  • Finished the Trainer's School.
  • Decided not to use Pokemon Refresh.
  • Hau'oli City encounter was Wingull. Definitely not catching this.
  • Fought Captain Illima and clutched at 1HP after Yungoos used Leer and Smeargle kept using Tackle.
  • Route 2 encounter was Smeargle... getting unlucky with these encounters. Not catching this.
  • Hau'oli Cementary encounter is Misdreavus.
  • Caught the Misdreavus and named it Midna.
  • Midna will be a Pawn for the time being.
  • Started my First Trial.
  • I am challened by Totem Gumshoos.
  • Midna got Pursuit trapped and is no longer with us...
  • Midna's sacrifice allowed me to heal ROWVO and managed to beat Totem Gumshoos and his assistant Yungoos.

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Posts: 319
  • First Trial Cleared.
  • Normalium Z obtained.
  • Verdant Cavern encounter was Yungoos which i didnt catch.
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Posts: 319
  • Route 3 encounter: Spearow. Not catching this.
  • Melemele Meadows encounter: Cottonee. No thanks.
  • Chess Pieces: ROWVO the King, Midna the Pawn (Dead), 14 chess pieces remaining.
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  • Seaward Cave encounter: Diglett. Dont want this.
  • The newly caught Shiny Oricorio will be added to the party using the Shiny Clause and she is named Molly.
  • Oricorio is now the Queen of the Squad.
  • ROWVO evolved into Dartrix.
  • Third Rival Battle vs Hau.
  • Got through with no deaths.
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Posts: 319

  • Grand Trial Start. Vs. Kahuna Hala.
  • Grand Trial Complete. 
  • Fightium Z obtained.
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Posts: 319
  • Ten Carat Hill encounter is Carbink... nope.
  • Decided to take on Captain Illima now that I finished my Grand Trial.
  • Vs. Captain Illima.
  • Beat Illima.
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Posts: 319
  • Traveled to Akala Island.
  • Challened by Dexio.
  • Beat Dexio without any loses.
  • Route 4 encounter: Igglybuff. Did not catch.
  • Fourth Rival Battle Vs. Hau.
  • Defeated Hau without any loses.
  • Paniola Ranch encounter: Mudbray. Caught and named him Baymax.
  • Baymax is now my Bishop.
  • Recieved Egg from Ranch.
  • Egg hatched into Eevee. Will be included to the squad.
  • Eevee is nicknamed Asuma.
  • Asuma is now my Knight.
  • Asuma evolved into Umbreon.
  • Route 5 encounter: Pikipek. Did not catch.
  • First Rival Battle Vs. Gladion.
  • Defeated Gladion without any loses.
  • Brooklet Hill encounter: Psyduck. Did not catch.
  • Second Trial Started.
  • Challenged by Totem Wishiwashi.
  • ROWVO swept Totem Wishiwashi and his helpers Wishiwashi and Alomomola after a Dire Hit landing crits on every move.
  • Trial Completed.
  • Waterium Z obtained.
  • Route 6 encounter: Alolan Rattata. Did not catch.
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Posts: 319
  • Entered the Battle Royal and fought Hau, Kukui, and Gladion.
  • Route 7 encounter was a Magikarp which I gladly caught.
  • Magikarp is named KHRP.
  • KHRP is now my Rook.
  • Wela Volcano Park encounter was a Male Salandit which I obviously ignored.
  • KHRP evolved into Gyarados.
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Posts: 319
  • Third Trial Started.
  • Challenged by Totem Salazzle.
  • Baymax OHKO'd the Totem with Bulldoze.
  • Trial Complete.
  • Firium Z Obtained.
  • Route 8 encounter is Yungoos. Not Catching it
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Posts: 319
  • Fourth Trial Started.
  • Challenged by Totem Lurantis
  • Hardest Trial at the moment. Had to heal spam with Molly to be able to win without any losses but I almost lost her.
  • Trial Complete.
  • Grassium Z Obtained.
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