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Starting this cuz i noticed this game comes before Prism.

  • Any Pokemon that faint are considered dead and must be either released or put into the PC, never to be used again.
  • You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in any new area/route. If it faints or runs, you're out of luck. No Pokemon for you. (This rule does not go into effect until you have received your first Pokeball from Prof. Birch. You don't have to worry about wasting your first encounters until you are actually capable of catching Pokemon.)
  • Every Pokemon you catch must be given a nickname. These next rules are optional, so I'm only posting the ones im doing. Optional Rules:
  • Species Clause. If the first Pokemon you encounter in a new area/route is a Pokemon you've already caught then you may catch a different Pokemon if you so wish.
  • As mercy rule, if the player runs into a Shiny Pokemon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not it is the first encounter in the area.

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Posts: 319
  • Starter is Charmander named it Fresa.
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Posts: 319
  • Caught a Zubat named it Blueberry
  • Caught a Rattata named Razzberry
  • Fresa evolved into Charmeleon
  • Caught Pidgey named Cherry
  • Accidentally overgrinded and bodied the First Gym Karpman (Water Gym)
  • Caught Ekans named Lemon
  • Gift Porygon named Plum
  • Caught Caterpie named Mango
  • Got Town Map so i can finally know if im in a different route or not
  • Caught Spearow named it Lime
  • Caught Nidoran F named her Pear
  • Blueberry is dead
  • Caught Pineapple the Weedle
  • Caught Oddish named Grape
  • Caught Doduo named Grapefruit
  • Second Gym was on par my level. She used Ice type pokemon
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