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Welcome to the Silph Co. Pokemon Guild.

(Oct. 12th, 2015)

Due to recent inactivity, we are currently in the process of sprucing up the place, so please bear with us on any changes you may notice.

Sign-ups are now open for our Halloween 4x Weakness tournament. We're hosting it on Gamefaqs so be sure to follow the link in our forums or find the thread in the omega ruby/alpha sapphire battling boards on gfaqs.

The Battle Frontier is undergoing a restructuring and is closed until further notice. Contact Pixellanious with any questions.

There are several positions open in the Gym League , as well as an E4 position, so anyone interested in applying for one of those positions should check out the league rules in the Pokemon League section of the forums and PM any moderator to schedule a tryout battle.  If you're interested in taking on the gyms, you should also visit the Pokemon League section in the forums.  The following Gyms are currently accepting challengers:

Mystraker's Psychic Gym

SonFlygon's Water Gym

xPhantomhive's Dragon Gym

Pikami's Grass Gym

Pixellanious' Fighting Gym

Pabz' Poison Gym

MVF's Flying Gym

Nick's Dark Gym

Normally, we do not allow E4 members to run a gym at the same time, but considering the circumstances the following gyms are also accepting challengers:

Dangel's Electric Gym

TheRagingExploud's Ground Gym

Current E4:




Remember, the Gym League is always open for challenges and there are always people looking to battle on Xat.

Everyone is welcome to join, so if you're just stopping by then please feel free to sign yourself up.  We are always looking to expand and are looking for some help with recruiting, ask any moderator about it if you think you would like to help us with this.

Our Xat is now up and running (it's a chatroom) and you can access it by going to this URL:

The Xat room is where most of the guild hangs out, so if you want to battle, trade, or just chat feel free to stop on by!

We also now have a Twitter.  Follow us for a supplemental news source @SilphCoPokemon

- Pixellanious

Or simply go to

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